Princess Cays Bungalows

When your Princess cruise stops at Princess Cays on the tiny island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas, you can now add to your luxury experience by booking a Princess Cays Bungalow Package for the day, perhaps with a gourmet lunch. What a luxurious, exclusive treat!

With a Princess Cays Bungalow, you can take a nap with the smell of the ocean on the breeze and the sounds of the waves lulling you into a peaceful state of relaxation. You can have the privacy to change from swimsuits and back to regular clothing without having to minimize your time on the island to go back and board the ship. With our new Bungalow Packages, you can enjoy a fine meal in privacy with good friends, enjoying the most amazing seaside view.

Here are the options:

Princess Cays Private Bungalow Package
For just $199, you’ll have the exclusive use of a 6-person bungalow during your visit to Princess Cays. The colorful beachfront bungalows are perfect for families, friends or anyone who wants to make the most of their visit to Princess Cays. Located in the picturesque palm grove just behind the beach, each bungalow features air-conditioning and ceiling fan, a table and four chairs inside, and two sun loungers outside on the deck, as well as a private shower. You can take a dip, shower off, sun bathe and change back into their regular clothes, all from the privacy of your very own bungalow, without ever having to return to the ship!

Princess Cays Private Bungalow with Gourmet Picnic Lunch
This upgrade features the use of a regular bungalow at Princess Cays and includes our gourmet picnic lunch, with Italian Style Antipasti, Lobster & Mango Salad, an Artisan Cheese Board with Tropical Fruits and Fig Bread, Island BBQ Selection and Petite Pastry Selection. This luxurious experience is $249 per couple, with an additional $25 charge for each extra bungalow guest.

Princess Cays Sanctuary Bungalow
A relaxing Sanctuary bungalow gives you a serene island experience. These tranquil bungalows are situated in the new adults-only area – The Sanctuary at Princess Cays, an extension of the onboard experience. Up to 4 adults can share a secluded Sanctuary bungalow for just $249.

Princess Cays Sanctuary Bungalow with VIP Gourmet Lunch
Enjoy fine dining while relaxing amidst a beautiful ocean view. The VIP Gourmet Lunch includes assorted snacks (popcorn, peanuts and potato chips), Caribbean Gazpacho, a Chilled Seafood Platter with Tequila Lime Cocktail Sauce, Jerk Chicken and Pork Spareribs with Jamaican Hardo Bread and Salad, Fresh Fruit & Strawberries with Honey Yogurt Dip, Vanilla Ice Cream and Cookies/Brownies. In addition, you’ll be able to order one refreshing Signature/Island Cocktail per person, included in the price of the package. This authentic island experience is just $299 per couple, with an additional charge of $25 for each extra guest.


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